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At 33Media, we’re all about turning filmmaking dreams into vibrant on-screen narratives – from developing and distributing our own scripted and unscripted productions for TV, film, and animation to fostering and developing content from other fellow filmmakers.

If you’re an independent filmmaker or storyteller looking for a place to hang your hat or support to develop your ideas, or just want a mentor to help you on your journey, let’s talk.

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a production company for production companies

We believe that three – not just two – heads are better than one. The filmmaking community thrives when we lift each other up and collaborate.

We have turned our own passion for storytelling and creative development into a production company that fosters our own ideas and also helps other aspiring and independent filmmakers bring their own stories to life.

Here are some things we like to do for ourselves at our production company and for fellow filmmakers.

Have you ever started and stopped – and started and stopped again – working on an idea for a film or show and wished you had a creative partner to help you develop it or get it over the finish line?

We can roll our sleeves up and jump in at any stage of creative development for your short film, animation, feature film, documentary, or feature.

Do you remember the last time you saw someone on TV or film that looked like you? We certainly do. It’s almost as if a world we didn’t know existed in which people who look like me had a canvas for creative expression.

Whether you’re a POC and/or LGBTQIA+ filmmaker trying to get some traction on your own storylines or you’re looking to produce scripted or unscripted content for POC and/or LGBTQIA+ audiences, we can help you develop authentic and meaningful stories and characters.

How many times have you started down the path of creative development and stopped to think about your brand positioning, marketing, and distribution?

We can help you begin with the end in mind – so that your production doesn’t get lost in the ether and it finds an audience of loyal fans – and catches the attention of distributors.

our production team rocks

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty proud of the team we’ve cultivated, and we’re always looking for new folks to join us.

Work With Us

Julie Chadbourne

Co-Founder, Showrunner, Producer, Writer

Brian Beasly

Co-Founder, Showrunner, Director, Writer

Beau “DJ Mancat” Doiron

Music Supervisor

Paul Essenhigh

Lead Animator

Gaurav Gadekar

Animation – Rigging

Carlos “Los” Gee

Designer – Characters

Geoffrey Knecht

Animator – FX

Saish Sawant

Animator – Rigging

Yue Zhu

Animator – Technical Design


our origin story

33Media was born after a creative partnership was ignited between Julie Chadbourne and Bryan Beasley while working as co-creators and showrunners for the online prankster reality show, “The Gherm Guys.”

You learn a lot about a person’s resolve – and creativity – working on a reality TV show set – and the two discovered they worked really well together amidst the chaos.

Julie, whose background in storytelling, music, and design led her to a decade of experience developing, directing, and marketing short-form content like music videos and commercials.

Her super-utility skills, OCD-like attention to detail, and mentoring-like quality to leadership added an energetic perspective to the dynamic duo.

Bryan, whose background in photography, cinematography, and creative direction led him to an illustrations & award-winning career directing documentaries and nonfiction content.

His extensive experience behind the camera brought a unique lens to the 33M leadership team.

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