Meet the Architects of our Imagination

At 33Media, our production team is more than just a group of skilled professionals – we’re a dynamic collective of storytellers, visionaries, and industry innovators.

Join us in celebrating the talent and dedication that transforms every idea into an extraordinary cinematic journey.

Work With Us

Julie Chadbourne

Co-Founder, Showrunner, Producer, Writer

Brian Beasly

Co-Founder, Showrunner, Director, Writer

Beau “DJ Mancat” Doiron

Music Supervisor

Paul Essenhigh

Lead Animator

Gaurav Gadekar

Animation – Rigging

Carlos “Los” Gee

Designer – Characters

Geoffrey Knecht

Animator – FX

Saish Sawant

Animator – Rigging

Yue Zhu

Animator – Technical Design




Hours of Footage


Hours of Finished Work


Cups of Coffee

lots of sweat, tears, & digital double vision

United by a shared passion for groundbreaking storytelling and a flair for the creative, each member brings something unique to the table.

From seasoned producers to creative consultants, our diverse experiences and backgrounds are the bedrock of every project we undertake.

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