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Welcome to 33Media, where imagination meets the lens! Our production company partners with and guides independent filmmakers through a journey of creativity and innovation, transforming every vision into cinematic reality for your TV and film productions – and our own!

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We believe that every narrative detail matters.

From ideation to screen, 33Media’s commitment to narrative excellence ensures that every aspect of your story is honed to perfection. Experience storytelling with precision and passion, tailored for audiences seeking depth and authenticity.

We believe that branding can be the X factor to elevate your production company and productions.

Our unique marketing lens is not just about selling a story; it’s about embedding the storyteller’s vision into the hearts of the audience. At 33Media, we blend compelling storytelling with robust branding strategies, so that every film or show we produce or consult on leaves a lasting impact.

We believe that diverse perspectives need a champion and deserve to be amplified.

Diversity isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s our ethos. Focused on bringing underrepresented voices to the forefront, 33Media’s production company is dedicated to producing content that celebrates women, POC, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our Shows

Brooklyn Girl


Overview Brooklyn Girl is a street art/anime, near-future series about a high school student named Misha and her crew of 5 friends who are secretly superheroes that fight generational battles in a parallel universe using their elemental powers. The show uses street art and music as front-and-center elements of the … Read more

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Gherm The World


Overview This heist / action-adventure / time-travel animated series follows the once-beloved reality TV stars and their struggles with losing their fame and reality show after 1 joyous season as they time travel in a smelly porta potty. The Gherm Guys are a group of loveable underdogs, VIPs in their … Read more

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World of Neg


Overview Hidden prankster extraordinaire Neg Dupree is bringing his comedic genius to Anytown USA. Watch out. Actor and comedian Neg Dupree is best known for Neg’s Urban Sports, the breakout star from the hit UK TV show “Balls of Steel”. After 3 series, Neg’s bonkers antics propelled him to cult status worldwide, … Read more

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Debutantes… young ladies with all the trappings of the perfect upper-class life with a desperate need to keep up with the Joneses. Watch the sizzle reel! The Lucky Sperm Club… young men who are born into this good life simply take over their father’s business. “Debutante” is a show that follows the world of … Read more

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Brooklyn Girl

Gherm The World

World of Neg


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The Team Behind The Magic

Meet the creative force behind 33Media – a diverse collective of storytellers, visionaries, and filmmaking experts. Our team’s unique blend of passion and expertise transforms every production into a captivating masterpiece.

Work With Us

Julie Chadbourne

Co-Founder, Showrunner, Producer, Writer

Brian Beasly

Co-Founder, Showrunner, Director, Writer

Beau “DJ Mancat” Doiron

Music Supervisor

Paul Essenhigh

Lead Animator

Gaurav Gadekar

Animation – Rigging

Carlos “Los” Gee

Designer – Characters

Geoffrey Knecht

Animator – FX

Saish Sawant

Animator – Rigging

Yue Zhu

Animator – Technical Design

Our Services

Production Consulting

Are you in search of a seasoned video consultant to elevate your video production services and create compelling video content that resonates with your target audience?

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Video/TV/Film Production

In the dynamic world of entertainment, where creativity meets technology, the role of television and film production companies is nothing short of transformative.

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Film Pitch Decks & Lookbooks

Creative ideas are constantly competing for attention. A compelling film pitch deck or lookbook can be your secret weapon to setting the tone for your project.

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