We believe in the power of 3’s. That means that we always have 3 people at all times on a helm of a project to make sure you’re getting constant oversight and attention. Us + You = 3.

33 Media offers full-service reality television and documentary production, script consulting, concept development and pitching. Our group consists of directors, producers, writers and creative talent in all facets of production in Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, London, England, Baltimore, MD, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Naples, FL, Foz Do Iguacu (Brazil), and Sydney (Australia).

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Animation Television Production and Script Consulting Team

Julie - Showrunner, Producer
Julie Chadbourne
Co-Founder, Showrunner, Producer, Writer
Bryan Beasley
Co-Founder, Showrunner, Director, Writer
Beau Doiron - music supervision
Beau “DJ Mancat” Doiron
Music Supervisor
Paul Essenhigh - Animator
Paul Essenhigh
Lead Animator
Gaurav Gadekar - animator rigger
Gaurav Gadekar
Animator - rigging
Carlos "Los" Gee - Character Designer
Carlos “Los” Gee
Designer - characters
Geoff Knecht - FX, animator, designer
Geoffrey Knecht
Animator - FX
Saish Sawant - animator rigger
Saish Sawant
Animator - rigging
Yue Annie Zhu - animator, designer
Yue Zhu
Animator - technical design