Gherm The World

Gherm The World


Run Time: ~22 minutes


This heist / action-adventure / time-travel animated series follows the once-beloved reality TV stars and their struggles with losing their fame and reality show after 1 joyous season as they time travel in a smelly porta potty.

The Gherm Guys are a group of loveable underdogs, VIPs in their own mind… thanks to 2011 being an excellent year for insta-fame,  So, when they find out their arch-nemesis Rory may be behind the loss of their tv show, they take matters into their own hands! In an effort to confront their arch-nemesis Rory and recapture their adoring fans, they accidentally fall into a Port-A-John time machine.

Now, The Gherm Guys have the (mis)fortune of traveling the world and gherming the past, with the hopes of gaining enough fame and footage to prove to the past, present, and future that they are worthy of getting a second season. Along the way, they find themselves taking credit for all historical events that happen, even if they ruin history!

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