Brooklyn Girl

Brooklyn Girl


Run Time: ~22 minutes


Brooklyn Girl is a street art/anime, near-future series about a high school student named Misha and her crew of 5 friends who are secretly superheroes that fight generational battles in a parallel universe using their elemental powers.

The show uses street art and music as front-and-center elements of the interactive storytelling experience, flipping from shōjo (aka “shoujo”) and josei anime styles as the IRL/IFL perspectives change.

Misha has a vivid imagination and daydreams in English class. Through her handwritten journaling, Misha documents these superhero-like daydreams as if she’s writing a shōjo manga/fantasy/action-adventure novel-turned-music video in which she’s the star. In her writings, her friends have elemental superhero powers and battle various people to overcome the adversity they are facing. Unbeknownst to her (consciously), Misha’s visions are from a parallel universe, and she and her crew really are superheroes battling evil adversaries from their distant generations!

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