The Gherm Guys

The Gherm Guys


The Gherm Guys™ is an elaborately-wacky prankster reality show that follows around professional pranksters who call themselves “The Gherm Guys”.

Believe it or not, these are people that currently exist, and this is their life.

This show provides an inside look into the life of “Hank” and his company The Gherm Guys™, the world’s worst pranksters. Hank takes gherming seriously. After all, he has the world’s 1st and only professional gherming company. Within only two months of being in business, The Gherm Guys™ have amassed a legion of nearly a million followers who fervently notify Hank and the crew of events to crash.

The Gherm Guys™ are a group of loveable underdogs, pranksters and VIP’s in their own mind… Hank, the CEO-G, is a charming comedian who can spotlight the humor within any situation and has few boundaries! His associate and best friend Mort Katz rounds out the charm as the Party Gherm, while Julie, the Boss and Business Manager (mommyger!) works tirelessly to keep the guys in line. With the help from African-American Gherm Guy in Training DanteNeg, the Unadulterated Gherm, and Beas, the camera man and Producer Gherm, The Gherm Guys bring the audience one step closer to event/party-crashing and pranking VIP-style, showcasing their sense of humor in unexpected situations and demonstrating a genuine side to their personalities. Together with his team of professional gherms, Hank and the guys will do anything for a Gherm Op.

From hosting an impromptu sporting event inside a local Target or renting a limo and sneaking into the CMA’s backstage with Carrie Underwood’s security detail, The Gherm Guys™ making gherming cool…

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