World of Neg

Overview Hidden prankster extraordinaire Neg Dupree is bringing his comedic genius to Anytown USA. Watch out. Actor and comedian Neg Dupree is best known for Neg’s Urban Sports, the breakout star from the hit UK TV show “Balls of Steel”. After 3 series, Neg’s bonkers antics propelled him to cult status worldwide, with the show being broadcast … Read more

Tweet Monger

The TweetMonger holds no punches as it takes the fame hungry or no talents down a notch or two or ten! The TweetMonger is a series mixing the Chelsea Handler or Ridiculousness round table with Tosh.0 and The Soup formats to bring the absurdity of celebrity tweets, Instagram posts and Vine videos to the masses. … Read more

The Gherm Guys

The Gherm Guys™ is an elaborately-wacky prankster reality show that follows around professional pranksters who call themselves “The Gherm Guys”. Believe it or not, these are people that currently exist, and this is their life. This show provides an inside look into the life of “Hank” and his company The Gherm Guys™, the world’s worst pranksters. … Read more

The Gherm Guys: Bizarre Festivals

From competitions to just plain strange, the promise of all-around weirdness abides in cultural festivals around world. Enter The Gherm Guys. The Gherm Guys are a group of loveable underdogs, VIP’s in their own mind, and regrettably, the world’s worst pranksters… Every year, there are hundreds of festivals in the United States (thousands around the world) that … Read more

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