World of Neg

World of Neg


Run Time: ~22 min


Hidden prankster extraordinaire Neg Dupree is bringing his comedic genius to Anytown USA. Watch out.

Actor and comedian Neg Dupree is best known for Neg’s Urban Sports, the breakout star from the hit UK TV show “Balls of Steel”.

After 3 series, Neg’s bonkers antics propelled him to cult status worldwide, with the show being broadcast in 15 countries. This huge success led to 2 more series of Balls of Steel, this time filmed in Australia, which became the most-watched comedy series of all time in Australia. Neg also traveled across Europe, the USA, and Canada, filming various comedy projects whilst working on British radio and performing an array of crazy characters.

Neg has amassed 150 million views on YouTube, and his social media presence (including FacebookInstagram, and YouTube) pages have a reach of over half a million very active followers! Over the past 12 months, in fact, Neg has elevated his cult status into a viral sensation. He created an online series for Comedy Central UK, and his new characters and sketches have received over 125 million video views on Facebook alone!

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